Tshedza Media is a communications company that specialises, but is not limited to, Film, Television and Video Productions. The company provides a wide range of products designed to enhance media, corporate and entertainment experience – and advance your knowledge and understanding of approaches to content. We reject a one-size-fits-all approach to media as a whole, because we know it can only lead to one-size-fits-all, boring and mediocre products. Our products, materials and programs are designed to identify the unique strengths of every project and play to its strengths. Furthermore, we then offer opportunities to our clients help them reach the next level across a broad range of project-management, content creation, fine-tuning of products and professional brand-development capabilities. Our specialized staff and delivery-methods provide the framework for meeting professional goals.


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 Telephone: 010 593 3067
Address: No. 1 Longfellow Street,

Ridgeway, Johannesburg, GP, South Africa.

GPS Coordinates:Latitude: -26.25722 | Longitude: 27.9932