Our Story


In Venda, the word “Tshedza” means ‘Light’.

Owner and principal founder of Tshedza Media, Milly Takalani Mulaudzi had a major spectacular ‘Lightbulb Moment!’ And so Tshedza Media was born. This also came with more than 10 years experience in the television and film industry. It also made sense that in the film and television industry, productions starts and sparks with Lights being switched on.

“Our commitment to generating brilliant media concepts has been apparent since we opened our doors. I wanted to let everyone know a little bit about us. How we started, where we’re going, and our creative and mass-media philosophy.

“There has been good TV and bad TV. Some expensive, some cheap. Some boring, some stimulating to the root, and raw to the core. Some old, some new. But often, it’s hard for viewers to find shows that they want and need. Me too. I wanted more – and better. I wanted super-fantastic, off-the-charts, out-of-this-world stunning stuff.

“Time was ticking by. I grew more desirous of seeing good television, more often.

“And time was ticking by. And children were growing up.”

Takalani looked everywhere in Africa. Hip Hip Hooray! A treasure trove of material.

With a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Pretoria, Takalani saw what very, very few Producers and Directors ever see – or even manage to pick up on, for that matter – great stories. And she followed stories.

She worked to advantage all the experience she had accumulated from earlier in her career – from when she started at Summit Television as a Production Assistant and eventually Production Manager. Earning even more media-stripes, she pulled off two more brief stints at Bomb Shelter and Ochre Media. For three years Takalani was a Project Manager cum Office Manager for a theatre organisation which focused on capacity building in the SADC regions. She also recognised outstanding talent.

Takalani has developed a personal documentary titled “My Forgiveness”, through the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF). She is also belongs to a Producers’ Mentorship Programme with the National Film and Video Foundation to eventually train emerging producers. So, she left her fancy jobs behind in traditional Corporate South Africa where she worked in ivory towers and mahogany rows to start her own business. She took that obligatory deep breath. She swallowed hard. “Be brave,” she told her herself. “Follow your passion,” she said. Believe in YOU and just do it. And she did. All was well in her gut. And so it went…

She named the company after the strongest Forces of Nature – LIGHT! She turned a quaint and spacious old house into her offices. Her budget was small but her vision was enormous. “Thank you for calling Tshedza Media. How may I assist you?”

It feels fabulous to do work that impacts a whole new generation of viewers. It is our calling and a collective effort

Everyone at Tshedza Media feels the same way. Although Takalani helped in laying the company’s foundation, the company’s dedicated staff, creative visionaries, and wonderful clients who have nurtured its growth. Takalani is a strong believer in teamsport and giving newcomers platform to learn and grow. “Working with newcomers is my way of giving back what the industry continues to give to me. Everyone with good intentions and a disciplined work ethic deserves an opportunity.”

We hope you enjoyed your Tshedza Media Experience – and the story behind the story.